January 1, 2008


The name of the chapter shall be “Southern Cal Fullerton Chapter”.
The Chapter number is 0230.


Elected officers will be Director, Assistant Director, Secretary, Treasure and Safety Officer.  These five chapter officers constitute the Board of Directors.  All other officers shall be appointed by the Director or Sponsoring Dealer as outlined in the H.O.G. National Constitution.   Prior to being elected, candidates for Assistant Director and Safety Officer shall be required to hold the position of Chapter Road Captain as a member of the Southern Cal Fullerton Chapter for a minimum of two (2) years.  This prerequisite may be overridden anytime by the Board of Directors, with concurrency of the Chapter sponsor.


Elected officers will serve for one year.  Nominations for new officers will be held at the September meeting.  Elections will be held at the October meeting, with new officers assuming duties the first day of the new calendar year.  In order to vote in the election, individual members must be in good standing and present at the meeting.

Should any elected officer become unable to fulfill his/her obligations and duties, the Board of Directors and Sponsoring Dealer will appoint a new officer for the remainder of the unfulfilled term.  Elections shall take place as outlined in the bylaws and the H.O.G. Charter for Local Chapters to fill positions for the coming calendar year.


Chapter dues are $24.00 per year per member. National H.O.G. membership of each chapter member shall be kept in good standing as outlined in the H.O.G. Charter for Local Chapters in order to maintain membership with this Chapter.


Chapter meetings shall take place monthly.  All current members and the Sponsoring Dealer are urged to attend.  Meeting places may be moved from time to time by consent of the Board of Directors and/or Sponsoring Dealer.  Chapter meeting times, dates and locations shall be advertised in advance in the chapter newsletter.


These bylaws are intended as a supplement to the National H.O.G. Charter for Local Chapters and changes in the Charter for Local Chapters are automatically ratified by this chapter.  Changes to the bylaws may be introduced at any monthly meeting.  They will be voted upon at the following monthly meeting.  Ratification shall be by a two/thirds (2/3) vote of members present in good standing, unless however, the Sponsoring Dealer deems it appropriate to ratify such changes without vote.