Chapter Information, Officers, and Committees

Important Chapter Information

Hotline: (714) 502-8576

Chapter Bylaws - revised January 1, 2008

"Road Captains" - What are They?

Have you ever wondered what a Chapter Road Captain is? Or what they do? Or if you might want to be one?

This document describes the "Roles and Responsibilities" of the FullHOG Road Captains. Read through and see if it doesn't help you understand why you see them moving around in the group on rides, see what they are looking for as they ride along, and see why they take safety so seriously.

Read the FullHOG - Road Captains - Roles and Responsibilities document here.

2012 FullHOG Board

Printable list of your Board and Committee Leads

Director: Frank Storms
is Director
    (Please Email)
Assistant Director Steve Bayliff
is Assistant Director
    (Please Email)
Secretary John Woodward
is Secretary
    (Please Email)
Treasurer Cheryl Sincock
is Treasurer
    (Please Email)
Safety Frank Saldana
is Safety Officer
    (Please Email)


Appointed VIPs and Committee Leads
(Very Important Positions)

Activities Activities are lead by
Marilyn Seaman
    (Please Email)

 Hostess Hostesses are lead by
Tracy St. Julien
    (Please Email)

Hotline Our "Hotline Hottie" is
Jennifer Morley
    (Please Email)

Membership Membership is lead by
Denice Storms
    (Please Email)

Ask Bob The Author of the "Ask Bob" Blog is
Bob L'Hommedieu
    (Please Email)

Webmaster Our Webmaster is
Dave Griffith
    (Please Email)

Editor Our Newsletter Editor is
Lyle Wong
    (Please Email)

Master Blaster Our "Master Blaster" is
Rich Schlegel
    (Please Email)

Greeter Our Greeter is
Marilyn Castillo
    (Please Email)

Lead Road Captain Our Lead Road Captain is
Steve Cordell
    (Please Email)

NOTE: Please be considerate when contacting Board and Committee members! They volunteer for this.

Remember they have "day jobs" too. If you call/email during the day, they may be busy and have to get back to you at a more convenient time. Please be understanding.

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